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Chapter One Scene One by UnsuspectedTwist Chapter One Scene One by UnsuspectedTwist
Chapter One
Scene One (Scene? What do you mean by scene? By Scene I mean that there will be many pictures with parts of the story below, they are scenes, or things that happen in the story, rather than just having one picture for each chapter and having a long log of text to go with it, the chapter has been broken down in to scenes)
She was meant to be back yesterday, why hadnt she had gone back? Oh why? Maybe it was this nagging sensation that she was meant to be going somewhere else? It was the gods wasnt it? They were trying to tell her something. Oh she of all wolves! How honorable! Oh.. Maybe.. Maybe its... She felt slightly disheartened at a memory that came to mind. No, it couldnt possibly be, well.. She would find out eventually what it was.

The pale green wolf moved quietly through the forest. It was early morning and it was strangely silent. The birds would normally be up by now, wouldnt they? She looked up, the leafless trees were bare. Wait. Where had all the leaves gone? She looked down, none were on the ground, only the prickle of the grass.. Weird.

Her ears swiveled as she turned and sniffed. Oh Kita would be worried, very worried. She shivered slightly, knowing she would have to bare her sisters wrath when she returned.. She wondered if she would be given another chance? She had been warned before about wandering off.. She would have to find a good reason for her absence. She sniffed again.. Oh something was strange, strange indeed.

She put a tentative paw down, moving it gently past a branch that tickled her paw pads. Her ears were pricked. A rustle. She hesitated. They had come for her, hadnt they?! They were fast... Oh.. She realized she had been mistaken.. The wolves werent around, as she slowly turned her golden eyes. She let out a small gasp, her eyes capturing the target of a small red and black bundle. She slowly moved towards it, as if it would get up and strike her down. She sniffed again, it had no scent of another on it. She crept up on the small pup, its eyes were closed and its ribs were clear against its fur. She crouched and gave it a tentative lick.

"Hey, are you alright?" It was skinny, incredibly skinny. She moved on instinct and curled around the pup. It replied with a pathetic whimper. She had found her excuse for being away. She had been right, a pup! A.. A replacement for the three she had already lost from disease.. Oh! Virkan will be so glad.. It. It could be the three of them, together! She and him a family once again! But.. She would have to convince him.. She knew he still hated her, blamed her, for their pups deaths. This pup, she could adopt it. She could raise it, with Virkan.. Many hopes and dreams began to spiral in the she-wolf's head and she licked it again.

She needed to get it food. She would save her dreams for later when the pup was fed. She glanced over the pup again. It was too small, it was weird.. The pup showed by its body that it was 6 months.. But why did it have the size of a newborn? She nudged the pup tentatively. The pup whimpered and heaved its eye lids open to stare up at her with two dark purple eyes. The green she-wolf thought again. Why was there a 6 month old pup here.. Starving, with no scent of any other on it? Did it just drop from the sky? It couldnt have... Could it?

The small red pup squirmed. Who was this she wolf? She smelt good, she felt safe with her. Though she was hungry, so very hungry.
Scene Two:

Tell me what you think guys!
All characters and storyline belong to me
You can find the green wolf's character reference here: [link]
Here is a OLD reference of the red wolf, I need to redo it, this is what she will look like as a adult. You can look at this spoiler if you wish. Or wait til she grows up in this story OR wait til I make a new reference and look at that!: [link]
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AniLove100 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Photographer
AniLove100 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Photographer
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UnsuspectedTwist Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
haha thanks.
AniLove100 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Photographer
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This is a great idea, to display the story in scenes rather than posting the "wall of text" that most people on this site don't care for.
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